Situation Update

Cumulative/Active cases:
  • Watauga County Cases: 2197 (125 active)
  • Ashe County Cases: 857 (97 active)
  • Avery County Cases: 923 (137 active)
Statistics Source: NC Department of Health & Human Services, AppHealthCare, Avery County Health Dept.  Last update: 11/22 1:02 pm

Topics covered in today’s update:

  • Visitor Restrictions
  • Mary Street Parking Lot
  • Employee Illness Protocol

Essential WorkersVisitation Restrictions Apply to Employees and the Community

As you are aware, the COVID case count is still trending upward. Our emergency departments are seeing an increase in patients who are positive or exhibiting the symptoms of COVID-19. For this reason, we ask all employees not to travel through the ED unless your visit is work-related. Unlike our COVID units, it is difficult to establish isolation areas within the ED, therefore we consider the whole ED as a potential exposure risk.

Visitation restrictions apply to all ARHS employees, as well as to the public. Employees should not be “visiting” ED staff or congregating in break rooms or other areas during meals. This is to limit not only your risk, but the risk that you might unknowingly expose others to the virus.

Employees are not permitted to use their ID badge at any time to gain access to family or friends who are patients. The one (1) visitor per patient rule is there to protect all patients and staff. If you have questions or concerns, please discuss with your supervisor or contact the House Supervisor.

No ParkingMary Street Parking Lot

Starting December 3rd, the Mary Street Parking Lot will be closed to all vehicles in order to begin the next phase of the WMC construction project.

All three levels of the parking deck at WMC are available for employee parking.

COVID-19 Workflow for ARHS Employee Illness-Exposure

The COVID-19 Workflow for ARHS Employee Illness-Exposure has been updated and is found in Policy Manager in the COVID-19 Resources folder.

The updated workflow states “Employee may return to work in 10 days from date of symptom onset or positive test result if asymptomatic with at least 24 hours fever-free without medication. Employee must be cleared through OH to return to work.”

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