ARHS began using a WelloStation temperature check system at the WMC basement entrance on August 6th.

Photo: Wello Temperature StationThe WelloStation self-serve, touchless clinical thermometer utilizes an infrared thermometer and provides verbal prompts to guide staff. The station cannot read temperatures with glasses or hats in place. Employees may also need to remove their mask as well.

The temperature threshold on the WelloStation has been set at 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • If an employee’s temperature is less than 100.0 degrees, the station will print a sticker. Employees must place the sticker in a visible location on their shirt/scrub top. Do not place the sticker on your ID badge.
  • If an employee’s temperature is 100.0 degrees or greater, the station will not print a sticker. Employees may not enter and must notify their manager immediately.

The plan is to place additional WelloStations at the WMC ED and CMH entrances in the coming weeks.

Reminder: All ARHS employees are expected to wear their own mask as they enter their work location. In the future, masks will no longer be available at the WMC basement entrance.


Photo: Wello Temperature Sticker

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