2017 New RN Academy

Congratulations to the New RNs who completed the 12 week New RN Academy.  The purpose of the New RN Academy is to provide a structured 12 week program that assists new RNs with enhancement of knowledge and skills as they develop in their new careers. Managers and preceptors work closely with the new RNs during this time to provide an environment for professional growth and  development.

Left to right back row: Michelle McGuire,RN Med/Surg; Tammy Rich,RN, Med/Surg; Kristen Terwilliger, RN, IMCU; Erin DeGroat, RN, IMCU

Left to right front row: Kaylan McVey, RN, The Birthing Center; Ivy Wilcox, RN, Med/Surg and Ashley Brown, RN, Med/Surg.

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