As you know, our policy at ARHS is to report all unusual occurrences involving patients, personnel, or visitors in any ARHS area or department. Any incident that is not consistent with our normal routine, regardless if there is an apparent injury or not should be reported. Our goal is to learn from those incidents reported so that we can evaluate the processes that impacted that event and to help our staff in behaviors choices if needed. I want to thank each of you that have reported events for helping us make ARHS safer for all.

Incident Submission IconWe have been using an on-line reporting system called RiskWeb for several years. We will be moving to a new system called C360. By April 1st, an icon will replace the RiskWeb icon on your desk top.

You will receive a TEDS module to review that will give you screen shots for how to submit and if you are a manager, steps for how to review an incident. You will continue to be able to report an incident by using the incident reporting hotline at 828-386-2034 or at WMC extension 62034.

Just as a reminder, you still need to use the Employee Injury Report for employee injuries and exposures. That form includes information that is needed for Worker’s Comp and OSHA reports.

If you have any questions or need help, please call 828-262-4239 or the Clinical Risk Manager at 263-1207.

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