ARHS is poised to fully adopt a culture of mobility across ALL clinical disciplines and units! We want to standardize our care AND our communication so we’re all speaking the same language to our patients, families, and each other.

Who needs to be mobilized? Anyone not on strict best rest

Who should mobilize patients? Nurses, CNA, PT, OT, RT, MD, family members

When should patients be mobilized? ASAP – for meals, toilet, during PT, anytime!


Why the renewed focus on mobility?

When patients are encouraged to maintain their highest level of mobility, they will be stronger, recover faster, and feel better! Mobility is a great way to prevent:

  • weakness
  • functional decline
  • skin breakdown
  • respiratory issues like atelectasis and pneumonia


What is the future of mobility at ARHS?

  • Providers will choose from clearer and more progressive Mobility Activity orders in AllScripts
    • Bed Rest: provider will document the reason and renew the order daily until patient can be mobile.
    • Progressive Mobility Order: Activity will start at current Mobility Score and progress daily.
  • RN will assess prior level of function and current level of function on admission, then assess current level of function every shift using the AM-PAC scale.
  • The AM-PAC then translates into a Mobility Score to help guide daily activity and create mobility goals for each patient. It will also help identify patients needing skilled PT services.
  • PT will asses patients on their caseload daily; both using the AM-PAC. This will help monitor the patients progress, quickly identify any decline in function and help us set daily activity goals.
  • Nursing, CNA, and PT will standardize documentation in flowsheets, including a common place to document mobility.


AM-PAC Mobility Scores

  1. Lie in Bed
  2. Bed activities, dependent transfer
  3. Sit at edge of bed
  4. Move to chair or toilet
  5. Stand or 1+ minutes
  6. Walk 10 steps or more
  7. Walk 25 feet or more
  8. Walk 250 feet or more


If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor, and let’s get those patients moving!

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