Situation Update

Cumulative/Active cases:
  • Watauga County Cases: 92 (50 active)
  • Ashe County Cases: 58 (13 active)
  • Avery County Cases: 15
  • NC Cases: 72,983
Statistics Source: NC Department of Health & Human Services, AppHealthCare. Last update: 7/06 10:00 am

Topics covered in today’s update:

  • Situation Update
  • Masking at ARHS Facilities
  • Policy Manager

Masking at ARHS Facilities

Flu MaskEarlier guidance from the CDC recommended that employees reuse blue or yellow masks for up to 5 business days. New guidance, based on our current supply of masks, recommends that employees use their blue or yellow masks in an extended fashion throughout the day/shift and then discard at the end of the day/shift.

Employees should continue to replace all masks that are visibly soiled and/or when the integrity of the mask has been compromised by tearing or becoming wet. The reuse and decontamination processes for N95 masks remains unchanged at this time.

NEW Workflow for ARHS Employee with COVID-19 Symptoms


The workflow for ARHS employees with COVID-19 symptoms has been updated in Policy Manager. Please make sure you review the updated COVID-19 Workflow – ARHS Employee Illness Exposures in Policy Manager.

The most up-to-date COVID-19 workflows, policies, etc. can be found in Policy Manager in the COVID-19 Resources folder.

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