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snowmanYou are doing so much for others, Heroes Health is to support you. ARHS employees can now join Heroes Health, an app-based intervention and research study for healthcare workers.

The UNC School of Medicine and UNC Health have launched the Heroes Health Initiative to help support the mental health of first responders and healthcare workers during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Download the Heroes Health App to your mobile device through the App Store/Google Play Store.

Track your wellness through 5-minute surveys

Anonymously let ARHS Know how we’re doing

Access ARHS-specific mental health resources

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The COVID-19 crisis poses a threat to healthcare workers’ wellness, from front-line sanitation professionals to outpatient physicians. While the need for mental health care among these heroes is significant, barriers such as stigma, irregular work schedules, and a lack of knowledge regarding available resources lead many to suffer in silence.

By taking 5 minutes to complete weekly surveys, healthcare workers and first responders can track their own wellness throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Heroes Health connects healthcare workers to vetted mental health resources and uses the power of collective data to support the development of new programs tailored to current needs.

When combined, these surveys paint a dynamic picture of the health and needs of the healthcare worker community, allowing for units, healthcare organizations, and policymakers to develop tailored solutions to support our heroes.

Learn more about the Heroes Health Initiative >

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