by Stephen L. Yates, CDM, CFPP, System Director of Nutrition Services

This week is National Healthcare Foodservice  Workers week, and we want to honor and recognize those who work hard to provide nourishment, to patients/residents, employees, and community members every day!

Nutrition Services is an essential part of the patient /resident care team and this organization’s mission, they execute our values daily.

Did you know that Nutrition Services (total all locations) provided 56,424 meals last month? That deserves a “WOW!”

Below are just a few words that describe our Nutrition Services staff every day:

  • Passion – for what they do; they love taking care of our patients, residents and customers
  • Dedication – to their department , the organization, to each other and the customers that we serve daily.
  • Teamwork – it takes the effort of everyone each day to produce the outstanding results that we achieve.
  • Hard work – it starts the minute they hit the clock, and it is an 8, 10 or even 12 hour work day, sometimes six days straight.
  • Compassion – for each other and the customers that we serve.
  • Selflessness – even when short-staffed they put the patients/residents and customers first.

Somedays nutrition services is difficult, thankless work, with long hours, tough conditions, little positive recognition or even a “thank you,” yet the team keeps on smiling and taking care of patients/residents and customers.

We have a great Nutrition Services Team and it is my honor to be a part of it.


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