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Do you have an idea to enhance the patient experience?  Can you envision efficiencies and innovation?  Are you ready to turn a dashboard metric from red to green?  Aim high on the wings of SOAR! Join your co-workers in Making Life Better.  Discuss your suggestions with your Director today.  We can’t wait to watch your lofty ideas take flight!

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Past proposals include:

  • Ultrasound-guided IV starts
  • Non-nursing employee recognition
  • Development of a fitness program for patients with neurological problems.

Successful Outcomes Achieved and Recognized (SOAR) embodies the concept of reaching for excellence – the model provides a vehicle for clinical enrichment that benefits the participant through personal growth & development while enhancing organizational performance and ultimately patient care.

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Clinical Staff News & Updates

Movement Matters: Adopting a Culture of Mobility

Movement Matters: Adopting a Culture of Mobility

ARHS is poised to fully adopt a culture of mobility across ALL clinical disciplines and units! We want to standardize our care AND our communication so we're all speaking the same language to our patients, families, and each other. Who needs to be mobilized? Anyone...

New RN Academy

New RN Academy

Congratulations to the New RNs who completed the 12 week New RN Academy.  The purpose of the New RN Academy is to provide a structured 12 week program that assists new RNs with enhancement of knowledge and skills as they develop in their new careers. Managers and...