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Big CITRIX Apps Announcement

Big Change #1: Quick Launch instead of Anonymous Icon Quick Launch is going to replace the Allscripts Anonymous icon. After go live, when you double click it, it will open a browser and then automatically start Allscripts Sunrise Gateway. The browser window will look...

Cyber Attack Security Alert

A message from Mark Heckle, Director, Information Services. Some of you may have heard about the major Cyber-Attack that has been ongoing over the weekend across many countries. The attack now encompasses 150 nations. We have taken some extra precautions over the...

Citrix Apps Update from IT

In July, the Citrix web page “Apps” will no longer be able to open Allscripts due to a software upgrade. We have created a new interface called “Launch” which will be similar to “Apps," that you will be able to access from a browser. There will also be some users who...