Compliance & Legal

Thomas W. Huyck, JD

Chief Legal Officer
(admitted in NC and GA)
(828) 268-8915

Angie Hicks

VP of Compliance, Integrity, and Risk

Contract Requests

Log into the Compliance360 program with your ARHS username and password to submit your request for contract approval. 

I need to submit a request for a: 

Report fraud, abuse, submitting false claims, or other compliance concerns

If you know of or suspect an act of fraud, abuse, submission of false claims it is your responsibility to report it to Corporate Compliance. We encourage you to report any compliance concerns. To report concerns anonymously and confidentially, call the hotline 1-800-656-7743 (toll free) or submit the form below.

  • Your personal information is not attached to this form in any way and this report cannot be traced back to the individual submitting it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report  unusual occurrences that involve patients, personnel or visitors in any facility area or department?
You may report using the on-line reporting tool or you may use the incident reporting hotline – 386-2034 (if at WMC – 62034). There is an icon for Incident Submission on your desktop.

Do I need a Business Associate Agreement (BAA)?
Click here for more information about BAA >

What if I have a question about contracts?
Should you have questions or need assistance, please contact Deatra Sellers at (828) 265-5039 or Steve Roark at (828) 266-2483.

What if I need a new contract drafted?
Contact the ARHS Legal Department at (828) 268-8915.

What should I do if I am served with a subpoena/lawsuit? 
Subpoena/Lawsuits may require a very quick response. Immediately notify your supervisor and contact the ARHS Legal Department at (828) 268-8915. Failure to timely respond to a subpoena/lawsuit may result in some very negative consequences.

Medical Records: You Snoop . . . You Lose

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Business Associate and Business Associate Agreements

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New Incident Reporting Procedure

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