A message from Mark Heckle, Director, Information Services.

Some of you may have heard about the major Cyber-Attack that has been ongoing over the weekend across many countries. The attack now encompasses 150 nations. We have taken some extra precautions over the weekend and watching our systems closely. This particular attack comes through a link or file in your email.

We need help from everyone in making sure you are proactive in protecting your resources, in particular, be vigilant in your scrutiny of email and unknown links.

Tips for email:

  • If an email asks for personal information DELETE IT.
  • DO NOT CLICK LINKS or FILES in email if you are uncertain of it.
  • NEVER reveal your password to anyone
  • Legitimate businesses including banks and the IRS will never request personal information through an email message.
  • If you are uncertain of any email, please reach out to IT.
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