As COVID cases continue to stretch our staff and resources, we wanted to provide an update regarding our current COVID response plans.

ARHS anticipates the following the next few months.

  • Resurgence of COVID cases in November and December
  • Increasing staff fatigue
  • Increasing demand for Medical/Surgical patients with complex care needs
  • Critical workforce shortages
  • Limited transfer availability to tertiary hospitals due to statewide staffing/bed capacity challenges

We continue to work diligently to alleviate the strain and obstacles you face daily. We recognize that when we reduced our services at the beginning of the pandemic, our patients didn’t have the normal access to care and in some cases experienced higher acuity when they did return. Therefore, we are committed to continue our normal operations and navigate the COVID needs. To try to mitigate some of the strain this commitment puts on our staffing and bed capacity, we plan to segment our COVID operations from normal operations.


ARHS Action / Staffing Plan:

To ensure adequate staffing and bed availability for all our patients, we are striving to establish dedicated hospital space and contract staffing to serve the COVID needs. These moves will provide some relief for from COVID demands and allow our clinical staff to resume normal operations.


If you are unable to see the timeline image below, scroll down for a text only version.

Image: COVID Staffing Plan Timeline

We will also continue to optimize Cannon’s bed capacity to meet all patient medical needs within the High Country. If ARHS surges beyond 21 COVID patients, alternative plans may include engaging Samaritan’s Purse to establish and staff an additional COVID unit on our campus.


COVID Vaccines

Our ARHS Pharmacy team has submitted a request for COVID vaccines for all staff, but we have not been notified regarding the quantity we will receive. Priority will be given to those involved in direct patient care and we anticipate employees will be able to make an informed decision about whether to take the vaccine.

We ask that you assist in helping us monitor and conserve PPE when possible. Please continue to be vigilant in not touching your mask or face, practicing good hand hygiene, and social distancing during breaks and meals.

Thanks to each of you for your continued contribution to this extraordinary team effort.

Amy Crabbe
Chief Operating Officer


Timeline: Text Only

Now: Cohort COVID Patients to SSU

Oct. 23: Move Pain Center

Week of Nov. 2: Move Sleep Center

Nov. 2: Dedicated COVID Contract Labor Team arrives

Week of Nov. 2: Convert 3 East to COVID Unit

Nov. 9: Re-open 3 South for Ortho and Med/Surg Overflow

Nov. 9: Expand COVID patients to 3 East, if needed

Nov. 9: Return OB Overflow/Cal I rooms for Nov/Dec baby boom

Early Nov: Implement tele-IPG and tele-ICU provider services

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