Update: In the ARHS System Update email on April 30th, Chuck Mantooth announced that ARHS will continue the COVID Days Off (CDO) program until at least May 16, 2020. Mantooth said, “federal stimulus money, along with your hard work, has put us in a position to ensure you have a full paycheck if you are actively engaged in being re-allocated to another role.”


Caring for You

Because our patient volumes have declined over the past few weeks many of you have been asked to work a reduced schedule — which in turn, has a negative financial impact to you and your household. We understand the hardship this can cause, which may be compounded by the difficulties associated with COVID-19.

As a result, ARHS is introducing a compensation program to help relieve you of financial strain until economic relief is available. Specifically, the purpose of this program is to ensure you have a full paycheck during the next few weeks, as we work together against the spread of COVID-19.


What are the details?

ARHS has established a new paid time off benefit called “CDO” (COVID Days Off).  CDO will be awarded to Fulltime (FT) and Part Time (PT) staff when your hours are cut below your normal schedule and ARHS is unable to re-assign you to other roles.

To implement CDO we have established a Central Staffing Office to give you an opportunity to work in other areas, when your regular hours are reduced.  Keep in mind, these hours may not be the same as your normal schedule. However, they will allow you to earn your same rate of pay, doing other jobs.

If you decline the opportunity to pick up hours and jobs that are offered, you will not be eligible to receive CDO.  However, if you are not contacted for additional work, we will make up your normal hours with CDO so you receive a full paycheck through April 18th.


CDO Eligibility

How does the CDO process work?

  • Your leader will notify the Central Staffing Office if your hours are reduced due to low volume.
  • The Central Staffing Office will try to match your missed hours and skill sets with the needs throughout all locations.
  • You may be offered additional hours to work (even if those hours don’t match your normal schedule).
  • If you accept the assignment, you will be paid your normal pay rate for any hours worked, and receive CDO hours to make up any time below your normal workweek.
  • If you refuse or cannot commit to the assignment, you will not be eligible for CDO hours. You may choose instead to take your own PDO or time off without pay.
  • Your timekeeping manager will put in CDO for any flexed time at the end of the payroll. The staffing office will affirm that you did not decline any work opportunity and you will receive a full paycheck.


Voluntary Recess: Alternative time off without pay

ARHS is also offering employees the ability to take voluntary time away from work in 2, 4 and 6 week increments during this time of low volume.  This temporary program will be called Voluntary Recess and will offer you protected time away from utilizing your PDO or time off without pay.  In exchange for protecting your employment status and benefits, ARHS will expect any employee utilizing this time off to return to work within 24 hours if our volume returns.

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