In July, the Citrix web page “Apps” will no longer be able to open Allscripts due to a software upgrade.

We have created a new interface called “Launch” which will be similar to “Apps,” that you will be able to access from a browser. There will also be some users who will have the option for a desktop application setup using Launch.

Please contact the service desk to schedule your PC’s change from “Apps” to “Launch.” We hope to have most machines migrated to the new “Launch” platform by the middle of May so that the transition during the Allscripts upgrade is seamless.


The new Citrix implementation:

  • allows you to save favorites
  • uses the same applications offsite as you do onsite easily (from an ARHS trusted device)
  • allows ARHS to make infrastructure changes seamlessly

Usage Changes:

  • badge access aka “Swipe and Type” will no longer work
  • Password Manager is deprecated and being phased out
  • the slightly different look which may take some getting used to

Try it!

You can try it now by browsing to from inside our network, or externally.

  • Click on the Apps tab at the top to see all of your applications
  • You can add favorites by clicking “Details” right next to the application name then Add to Favorites, and those will be on the first page you see when you log in.
  • This should allow everyone to hop in and out much faster!

We will plan to internally redirect the Apps web page to go to the Launch web page when the cut-over is ready. We will also be creating some documentation that can be downloaded or released as a Teds module.

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