Employee Voice Committee

Employee Voice Committee

What is the Employee Voice Committee?

The Employee Voice Committee (EVC) provides the employees of ARHS an additional voice to express concerns and issues; and the formulation of suggestion, recommendations and ideas to continuously improve the work environment. Our goals are:

  • To foster an environment of open communication.
  • To increase leadership awareness of employee specific concerns.
  • To increase employee participation in problem solving and buy in.
  • To provide a mechanism to foster employee communication through all levels of the organization.

Our Scope

*Operational Issues * Employee Recognition * Employee Engagement
* Retention * Motivational Ideas * Communication
* Process Improvement * Creativity / Job Enrichment * Community Relations
* Productivity * Educational Opportunities * Value Added Service

Powered By Employees: New recognition program

Powered By Employees: New recognition program

Powered by EmployeesAt Appalachian Regional Healthcare System, we consider our greatest asset to be our employees. It is only with your dedication, creativity and commitment to excellence that we are able to be successful.

We are excited to announce the NEW Employee Recognition system, Powered by Employees. This program will allow your contributions to be recognized in many ways; individual and team achievements, and personal acknowledgements – just to name a few.

We believe you will find that this new program has many features that make recognition simple and meaningful. The online platform and the mobile friendly app make it easy to access your personal profile, manage your rewards and more.

GETTING STARTED: Two ways to log in!

1. Internet (Access from any available work or home internet connection):
Visit https://www.peopleareeverything.com/arhs and log in with the same ARHS username and password that you use to access the network.

2. Mobile Smartphone App:
To download the app, search “People Are” in the Apple or Google Play store. At the log in screen select “Single Sign-On”. Enter your work e-mail address.
Then log in with the same ARHS username and password that you use to access the network.

Once logged into the platform you will see your customized dashboard that will highlight your points balance, milestones, and achievements. From the site you will be able to:

  • Browse and purchase from hundreds of awesome rewards we’ve made available to you.
  • Recognize your peer’s milestones and achievements.
  • Check your order status, history, and track any shipments.


Review and access your cafeteria and gift shop charges with My Quickcharge

Review and access your cafeteria and gift shop charges with My Quickcharge

My Quickcharge allows employees instant access to cafeteria and gift shop charges. Click your way through current balances, spending history, printable receipts and the ability to freeze accounts when a badge is lost.

Access is easy!

My Quickcharge iconClick the desktop icon and set up your account.

Username: Your Employee #
Password: ARHS123!
You will be prompted to create your own secure password.

If you have any questions, contact Margo Coffey, Payroll Coordinator at 828-262-4161.

Considering Going Back to School?

Did you know that ARHS offers full-time, part-time and PRN employees the opportunity to apply for tuition reimbursement? ARHS wants to encourage and support your efforts to self-development and achievement of your educational goals through the tuition reimbursement program for professional studies. Employees must complete a Tuition Reimbursement Packet which states that you will agree to work a continuous twelve-month period beyond the last tuition reimbursement payment received. The employee must be pursuing an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or a professional certification in your current profession/position.