Big Change #1: Quick Launch instead of Anonymous Icon

Quick Launch is going to replace the Allscripts Anonymous icon. After go live, when you double click it, it will open a browser and then automatically start Allscripts Sunrise Gateway. The browser window will look like this:

It is currently set to open the Calculator application, so that you can verify applications open quickly. If you have any problems with this, please reach out to the Service Desk and we will assist you.

Big Change #2: Launch Web instead of Apps

Due to software incompatibility with the new Allscripts program, we are switching to a new web interface called Launch Web. We will be redirecting all Apps requests to the new Launch Web on Wednesday 31st at 10am. If you click on your Apps icon, it will simply take you to the new portal as if you were using the Launch Web icon.

You will log in just like you would with the Apps page, but Launch Web has more functionality. First of all, it allows you to save “Favorites” and will default to your “Favorites” site. When you log in to Launch Web for the first time, your favorites will be blank and will look like this:

Click on Apps up at the top, and you’ll be presented with all of your Citrix applications, just like in the old Apps page. You can click on any of them and they will open as expected. You can also find the applications that you use most, and click the Details right next to the icon.

Here, you can select “Add to Favorites”

And when you log in next time, you can see an uncluttered view of just the applications you’ve selected.

Feel free to add as many applications to your favorites as you like. You can even drag and rearrange them!

Big Change #3: Remote Users

Instead of it will be

You can also get there from the employee portal.

The remote portal will work mostly the same way as it has, with the exception being Allscripts Remote. After the cutover, it will be renamed to Remote Allscripts Access.

If you have any problems, please reach out to the Service Desk at x2483 or

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