By Shawn Peele, Chief of Police, Hospital Police

Parking around most of our ARHS sites is a commodity and certainly is valuable to our patients, families, members and to you. In order to help preserve that commodity to the benefit of AHRS we have solicited the assistance of Bill’s Garage. In order for this to be effective and to ensure you are not mistaken as someone who is not authorized to utilize our parking areas it is imperative that the vehicle you drive have an ARHS parking sticker displayed. It is also important that you consider our patients and each other before you choose where to park. If you take a space that was intended for a patient you are making it harder for them to access the care they need. Short-term parking spaces at WMC will be enforced by towing. These spaces are for off campus staff, and short visits to the WMC main campus. If your vehicle has to be removed by Bill’s Garage you will be responsible for that expense.

  • All employees, contractors and students must use designated staff parking areas. Temporary exceptions can be made for special circumstances.
  • The policy applies 24/7 at all locations – off campus locations that do not have designated staff parking must use the furthest available space in the lot away from the building
  • Patient/Visitor lot at WMC is not for any on the clock staff member. If you are here as a visitor there is a sign in book in the main lobby that allows staff to sign in so you are not given a warning notice for a parking violation. Please take note that this includes when you come to WMC for meetings. At no time should an employee use the patient or visitor lot at WMC or CMH for work related activities.
  • There are 1 and 2 hour spaces behind WMC for short visits for off campus staff. This allows quick access for staff meetings, lunch or whatever the work-related need is. Please pay attention to the signage; after hours these become on call staff parking spaces. If you park here and are not on call your vehicle may be removed at your expense.
  • Vehicle registration with ARHS police is free, mandatory, and easy. You can download the form online or stop by our office. We allow an unlimited number of vehicles to be registered.  Rental cars, temp tags, and loaner cars do not need to be registered. Students must display their university parking sticker or pass.
  • You must use staff parking even when it snows.
  • All handicap parking for both staff and visitors is located at the front entrances of all buildings. Please utilize the space that works best for your needs.
  • Call boxes are provided for your safety. They connect directly to the hospital police radio system and we can speak directly to you. Use them when you need us anytime.
  • Employee escorts to the parking garage and staff parking areas are available upon request.
  • Yes if you get more than two notices we will tow your car. Please contact us prior to this happening if you are having a special need so we can work with you in advance. Nothing is worse than having to have a vehicle removed over a misunderstanding of either the policy or your needs.

Secondly, we are all very aware of the numerous mass causality incidents happening in public places such as the one which occurred in the city of Las Vegas. While we cannot anticipate when or where these types of incidents will occur there are things we can all do to help make our community safer. Most importantly if you see something say something!  You are our eyes and ears and our most valuable asset. Please speak up if you see something that looks out of place or doesn’t feel right. We want you to be aware of your surroundings and cautious at all times. Passing on information to local authorities, hospital police, or even your supervisor could be the one piece of information that brings attention to a serious problem. Any information is welcome, and can even be made anonymously through our website or the local crime stoppers. Please remember if you see something say something.

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