The go-live date for transitioning all ARMA offices to AllScripts EMR is April 1, 2019. Moving to one unified electronic health record means more complete information is available to all ARMA providers. We will improve care coordination and communication across practices, and make our patient care more efficient.  


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General Project Timeline:

  • PHASE 1: Jan 28 – Feb 15 – Final Build/Testing of the System
  • PHASE 2: Feb 18 – Mar 1 – Online Training (EndUsers) and SuperUser Training
  • PHASE 3: March 4 – 30 – Classroom Training (EndUsers)
  • PHASE 4: April 1 – Activation

Clinical IT and ARMA Administration are well into Phase 1 at this time. 

Phases 2-3: Provider and Staff Training:


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Online Training:

  • Staff will complete required online and classroom training
  • Online training will be optional for providers (specific courses will be recommended)

Classroom training: 

  • Classroom training will be role-based (classes for providers, clinical staff, clerical staff, etc.)
  • Provider Admin days are being shifted throughout the month of March to accommodate training and minimally impact patient care
  • Office managers are scheduling providers and staff into training dates and making adjustment to patient schedules accordingly. Questions about your specific training schedule? Reach out to your office manager.


Phase 4: Activation

Providers and staff will be fully supported throughout the implementation. 

  • You’ll have dedicated elbow-to-elbow support in each office
  • Dedicated support for clerical staff, clinical staff and providers
  • Support coverage will be full-time for weeks 1 and 2, and then tapered down for weeks 3 and 4

Office schedules have been blocked to give providers/staff an opportunity to adjust to the new system

  • Week 1: 50% reduction
  • Week 2: 30% reduction
  • Week 3: 30% reduction
  • Week 4: 20% reduction
  • Week 5: 10% reduction
  • Week 6: Full Schedules

Designated SuperUsers

Each office will have superusers/coaches who are expected to be a go-to person for questions after activation and assist with on-boarding new staff to Allscripts during their orientation period. Superusers will also help with the end user training sessions throughout the month of March.  


Opportunity for additional work hours: Backloading/Prepping Patient Charts:

In order to have minimal impact to patients during this transition, we are recruiting a team to assist with the backloading of data into patient charts during the month of April and May.

If ARMA staff are interested in working extra hours as part of this backload team, please let your office manager know. Staff must be willing to work a minimum of 8 extra hours per week. The backloading team will:


  • Schedule all future appointments into Allscripts scheduling system
  • Backload discrete patient data (Home Medications, Allergies, Immunizations, etc.)
  • Scan in a subset of patient records. Not all documents will be scanned, as Centricity will be accessible in a view-only capacity for at least 12 months

The IT Network Operating Counsel committee determined which information would be backloaded into AllScripts and reviewed at each Provider Operating Counsel meeting within ARMA. The providers have approved this information and they will have the information they need to provide care to our patients.

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